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Hi there, fellow wanderer. I see, you found your way into Shitcoin World. Please note that everything here is still under construction. That means: MANY BUGS. Only the toughest hodlers should proceed.
Hodler wipes can occur at any time without prior announcement. Your Shitcoin balance is tied to your account, not your hodler.

Migration from ETC to ETH complete

When I started this project, I planned to build on the original Ethereum blockchain (Ethereum Classic), because I believe the hard fork as a response to the DAO-hack should have never happened. However, by building on ETC I realized that I am excluding a huge part of the community that prefers to just "go with the flow", ignoring all the developer values that should be omnipresent in any blockchain development community ("code is law", "blockchains are immutable").

In order to appeal to a broader community, I decided to migrate this project and the original Shitcoin Token over to the forked Ethereum chain (Chain ID 1). ETC will still be supported, but it will be an afterthought. So, I'm using this opportunity to announce that the migration is complete and we will full-on support the Ethereum main network.