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Hi there, fellow wanderer. I see, you found your way into Shitcoin World. Please note that everything here is still under construction. That means: MANY BUGS. Only the toughest hodlers should proceed.
Hodler wipes can occur at any time without prior announcement. Your Shitcoin balance is tied to your account, not your hodler.


Frequently asked questions

What is Shitcoin World™?

Shitcoin World™ is an online game currently under development by Shitcoin Inc.

What are Original Shitcoins™?

Original Shitcoins™ are tokens issued on the original Ethereum blockchain (aka Ethereum Classic) that can be used to purchase items and services at the vendors of Shitcoin World™.

What is the Original Shitcoin™ contract address?


What is the initial distribution of Original Shitcoins™?

All (that's 100%) Original Shitcoins™ are being distributed in-game through ordinary gameplay to players. All coins are minted directly to the game's hot wallet when it becomes neccesary. The developers do not issue or reserve any Original Shitcoins™ for themselves, special programmes or other third-parties. The total amount of Original Shitcoins™ is not artificially limited.

How can I get Original Shitcoins™?

There are multiple ways to get Original Shitcoins™, for example:

  • Help your Hodler in the fight against the FUD
  • Purchase them from other players on an exchange that supports them
  • Ask a friend to send you some

So, what's the roadmap?

First we will continue work on the shitty browser-based game. If people enjoy it, we will collect the funds to develop a more awesome Shitcoin game with 3D graphics and stuff because why not.

Will I be able to sell a Hodler?

Yes, you will be able to register a Hodler as an NFT and sell it on the Open Sea Marketplace.

Who holds the Shitcoin World™ trade mark?

The Shitcoin World™ trade mark is held by Shitcoin Inc.

What is Shitcoin Inc?

Shitcoin Inc is a legal entity, wholly owned by DJ Shitcoin™.

Who is DJ Shitcoin™?

Just an idiot that nobody gives a shit about.

What about bots?

Accounts suspected of automating the process of generating Original Shitcoins™ will be banned.

Who is liable in case this website or an associated wallets get hacked?

Nobody. The risk lies with the investors. Shitcoin Inc guarantees that no funds will be misapropriated by its operators, but it can not guarantee 100% safety from hackers.

However, in case of hacking, Shitcoin Inc will work together with local and international authorities to find and prosecute the perpretators.

How can I contact the Shitcoin Inc staff?

Send an email to [email protected]

How can I create my own Shitcoin?

Just use our patent pending Shitcoin Maker™