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Hi there, fellow wanderer. I see, you found your way into Shitcoin World. Please note that everything here is still under construction. That means: MANY BUGS. Only the toughest hodlers should proceed.
Hodler wipes can occur at any time without prior announcement. Your Shitcoin balance is tied to your account, not your hodler.

Welcome to Shitcoin Kingdom

Create a Hodler, join the fight against the FUD and get Shitcoins!

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Hodl News



We have some new initial concepts for the kind of enemies you will face in Shitcoin Kingdom. These creatures usually live peaceful lives, but they have been influenced by the forces of the FUD. Now they do nothing but drain your life with endless shilling. Will you be able to defeat them?


Migration from ETC to ETH complete

When I started this project, I planned to build on the original Ethereum blockchain (Ethereum Classic), because I believe the hard fork as a response to the DAO-hack should have never happened. However, by building on ETC I realized that I am excluding a huge part of the community that prefers to just "go with the flow", ignoring all the developer values that should be omnipresent in any blockchain development community ("code is law", "blockchains are immutable").

In order to appeal to a broader community, I decided to migrate this project and the original Shitcoin Token over to the forked Ethereum chain (Chain ID 1). ETC will still be supported, but it will be an afterthought. So, I'm using this opportunity to announce that the migration is complete and we will full-on support the Ethereum main network.


Introducing the World's First Shitcoin Festival

Shitcoin Inc is proud to announce the World's First Shitcoin Festival (Facebook Event here). This festival will have it all: Shitty token pitches that don't make sense, moderators and audiences that will clap for any kind of bullshit, a VIP area where nobody wants to be inside because it's boring as fuck, and musical and artistic acts to round it all up. Price is 1,000 YEN at the door. 2,000 YEN gets you an all-you-can-drink deal.



Hodlers hate broken promises and love Ethereum Classic

The Hodlers of Shitcoin Kingdom don't want to live in a world that is built on broken promises. And as we all know, the Ethereum main network has broken the promise of immutability by introducing a hard fork to deal with DAO hack. A blockchain is supposed to be immutable. The main reason to use a blockchain is because it's immutable. If a blockchain is mutable, it doesn't make any sense to use it. At all. The Hodlers of Shitcoin Kingdom even enacted a law to make the proposal of blockchain hard forks a crime punishable with imprisonment. Because hard forks make them sad. Nobody wants to be sad.

In the case of Ethereum, however, the Hodlers were pretty late to the game and decided to let that one slide. But only this time. From now on, all new proposed hard-forks will be punished with imprisonment.

Anyways, Shitcoin Kingdom has added support for Ethereum Classic and Classic Tokens, and ALL PRICES WILL BE QUOTED IN ETC BY DEFAULT. Rejoice!


You can now trade any token on Shitcoin World

Good news! If you own a token on the original Ethereum chain (or the current main chain), you can trade it on Shitcoin World. To do this, simply deposit your token into your deposit address. All the necessary details (token name, contract address, etc.) will be fetched automatically from the blockchain. No need to fill out a Google Form, send an email or submit a whitepaper. You don't even have to pay us a listing fee (whaaat?!)

But beware: Don't deposit shitcoins with a broken smart contract that can be easily hacked, or where funds can be frozen or transferred without your authorization. You will not be able to withdraw them from Shitcoin World if the smart contract is broken and the shitcoins that you have deposited here have been transferred without our knowledge. In this case the withdrawal transaction will either fail or not have any side-effect. You can send a support email, but all we will be able to do is support you with a friendly shrug. So please check the underlying smart contract carefully.

Happy trading!

Shitcoin Master


Now everybody can make a Hodler

Thanks to our awesome illustrator Felicia Namikaze, we now have a Hodler template. Now everybody can make their own Hodlers. The best Hodlers might even find their way into the game. Simply right click on the image below, and choose "Save Image As..." to save it on your computer.

Don't forget to share your lovely creation.


First post

Hello all. This is the first post. Welcome to Shitcoin World. Hope everybody is having a good time.

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