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Hi there, fellow wanderer. I see, you found your way into Shitcoin World. Please note that everything here is still under construction. That means: MANY BUGS. Only the toughest hodlers should proceed.
Hodler wipes can occur at any time without prior announcement. Your Shitcoin balance is tied to your account, not your hodler.

Introducing the World's First Shitcoin Festival

Shitcoin Inc is proud to announce the World's First Shitcoin Festival (Facebook Event here). This festival will have it all: Shitty token pitches that don't make sense, moderators and audiences that will clap for any kind of bullshit, a VIP area where nobody wants to be inside because it's boring as fuck, and musical and artistic acts to round it all up. Price is 1,000 YEN at the door. 2,000 YEN gets you an all-you-can-drink deal.